The projects featured below show you various DIY buzzer systems, all compatible with Game Show Presenter software. (If you have a project to share, let us know!)

6 handheld buzzers and a control box

Handheld, wired buzzers for $50

Todd Smith built this set of six buzzers for about $50. He says, "My switches are hand-held, and simply 4 inch long, 3/4" diameter PVC pipe sections, with push buttons installed in one end. They aren't particularly pretty, but they are very durable. I disassembled a USB keyboard, traced back and located the pins to the keyboard's controller PC board that activated key presses 1 through 6, transplanted the controller PC board to a plastic case, and wired it all up. It works like a charm with your software." Todd uses both the Game Show Presenter Classics and PLUS Editions. 

Quizmaster has buzzer answer

Blair Hollands, a professional quizmaster and Game Show Presenter PLUS user, created his own wireless buzzer system to use in his pub trivia presentations. The buzzer buttons (shown here in the carrying case) can be placed on tables in a pub or event room, then teams of players buzz-in if they think they know the answer to a question. The wireless buttons send number keystrokes 1 through 6 to the 6 wireless USB receivers plugged into the USB hub. The hub connects to the laptop enabling buzzers to communicate directly with Game Show Presenter. This is one of the most professional-looking DIY buzzer systems we've seen!

Quizmaster made his own buzzer system
Easy buttons convert to buzzers

Easy Buttons for easy DIY buzzers

This tutorial by Gerald Auguste walks you through the steps to turn some Staple's "Easy Buttons" into a DIY game show system!

The Staple's "Easy Button" has pretty rugged construction and the cost is under $5 each, so it's an ideal starting point for a low-cost DIY system. 

The materials for this ten buzzer system came to $123.78. (Materials for a 3 buzzer system would cost about half that.)

Video and tutorial for a solderless buzzer system

It's not wireless, but it is solderless. So check out Dan Hoover's game show buzzer project. The plan is flexible and offers some great features and options. Dan lays out the plans to give you lots of choices, such as adding a host control box or a simple "slap button box."

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