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This Game Show PLUS free trial download for Windows and Macintosh  never expires, so you can test out all its capabilities.

Game Show PLUS F.A.Q.

System Requirements for
Game Show PLUS

Windows XP to 10
Macs OS 10.4 or later 
Screen size of at least 800 x 600
60 MB hard drive space
128 MB RAM

The program does not require an Internet connection to run.

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What are the main features of Game Show PLUS?

+ Add pictures and sounds to your questions
+ Customize the show title
+ Up to 12 rounds of questions per game file
+ Support for many types of buzzers, but buzzers are not required
+ 3 modes of competition
+ Keeps score for up to 10 players or teams
+ Be your own live host, or use the animated host, Al Morale

How does a class or audience play the game?

Use a monitor or projector to show the game to your group.

There are 3 modes of competition: buzz in, take turns or 1-player. These determine who gets to answer the question.

How do players give answers? Verbally. You then press the key for their answer. (For instance, player says "B" so you press "b" and the game scores it right or wrong.

Are there other versions or games?

Game Show Presenter first came out in 2000, so there are some retired versions.

The newest versions are Game Show Presenter Bronze and Gold Levels, which have 3 different game formats. You can see those products here.

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