Support News for Game Show PLUS 


  • Windows final version of Game Show PLUS is v4.9.19
  • Macintosh final version of Game Show PLUS v6.0 OSX is v6.0

6/22/2017 - Game Show PLUS retired - Game Show PLUS software has reached the end of its 11 year run and the new Game Show Presenter GOLD Level replaces it. See and get upgrade information here. If you are an existing PLUS customer and you want to keep using this product, there are two important things to know: 1) tech support for the GSP PLUS Edition will end at the end of 2017, and 2) if you need to redownload GSP PLUS, we have kept the download link available on this legacy download page, however, that page will eventually be removed.

4/18/2016 - Presentation Edition retired - Game Show Presenter's Presentation Edition is now officially retired so we can concentrate on releasing our new generation of training games. If you have the older version and it still works for you, then simply continue using it. But be aware there will be no further updates for it. If you would like to trade up to the latest Game Show Presenter tools, you can see those at and find out about your upgrade options here. If you are still using the Presentation Edition but need to reinstall it, you can still download that here.

4/12/2016 - Mac "Can't Open" message - If you get a message on a Mac that says "Game Show PLUS V6 OSX can't be opened..." there is an easy fix for that.  The message is due to changes Apple has made to its MacOS 10.9.5 and later.  This support PDF file will take you through the few steps needed to fix the "Can't Open" message so you can open it.

1/4/2015 - Windows Game Show PLUS - On Windows, a few users have seen a message saying the program can't run because you need to install "Shockwave" or that "IML32.dll is missing," those messages from Windows are not correct. An better fix is this:

  1. Find the executable file "Game Show PLUS.exe" and right click once on it to choose Properties.
  2. Look for a compatibility tab or option. Check the box to run the program in Compatibility Mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 3).
  3. Apply that change.
  4. Relaunch the program Game Show PLUS.exe.

3/18/2013 - How to Move Rounds - Here's a short tutorial for Game Show PLUS users on how to change the order of the rounds in your game.

8/9/2012 - Mac version update to Game Show PLUS to be compatible with MacOS 10.8.

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